JT BRYANT CREDIT SOLUTIONS - Our unique attorney-backed program is revolutionizing CREDIT
 In a world where credit information impacts virtually every facet of our lives and amateur credit repair companies are largely ineffective against the credit titans of our times. 
JT Bryant has developed a 100% Transparent Program that will change your Financial Life without all the drama or work the "AMATEUR MARKETING CREDIT REPAIR COMPANIES HAVE CREATED AND DESTROYED MANY CREDIT FILES - "

"JT Bryant Nationally Recognized Credit Expert "

The ONLY "True Certified & Accredited Credit Management Firm in the U.S.A."

The ONLY Credit Management Firm with 3 Certified Attorneys Retained! 

The ONLY Credit Management Firm with Real Estate & Mortgage Broker Partners WAITING to get you in a home!

The ONLY Credit Management Firm with FICO Score Professionals ON STAFF!

The ONLY Credit Management Firm with 96% Success Average Per1000 Clients!

The ONLY Credit Management Firm with MULTIPLE INSURANCE AND FINANCIAL  Licenses in Credit.

The ONLY Credit Management Firm with an "A" BBB Accredited Rating, BONDED INSURED AND LICENSED FOR NOT FOR JUST CREDIT- JT Bryant  is a Certified Licensed Health and Life Insurance Broker and Consultant for the TOP Carriers in the USA.

By law, information reported about you to credit bureaus must be fair, accurate, relevant, substantiated, and verifiable. Through our simple, but powerful three month program, results begin in 30 days! We help to ensure that credit companies can't abuse these standards. It's actually that simple.

We have 100% customer satisfaction with 96% success in our 90 day program!
We  prepare the MOST credit bureaus for attorneys, mortgage companies, and Realtors than ANY OTHER Credit Bureau Correction Firm in a professional field.
We won't take your file unless we know we can obtain YOUR GOAL
We work on ALL your credit file's at once! You get results that are ACCURATE and all REPLIED TO IN LESS THAN 30 days - 24x 7 CERTIFIED MAIL TRACKING and PLACED ON YOUR COMPUTER with our exclusive and patented credit program* Smart Phone Included


  • Certified in Financial Planning and Credit Bureau Analysis 
  • Certified FCRA, FDPCA, FICO Scoring Professional  
  • Have over 5000 Endorsements
  • Have an A  BBB Rating and Accredited
  • Have Multiple  Financial and Insurance Licenses 
  • Improved  over 4000 clients in 2013  the all new "2014 CREDIT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM" Patented Technology - 96 % of current clients are 100% Satisfied-OVER 4000 CLIENTS- 1000 + Mortgages APPROVED, 60 of our BETA 800 Credit Score Pius Program have 800 + Credit Scores.
  • Over 234 Clients Credit Scores Exceeded 800 in 2014
  • Improved client credit scores by 140 to 240 Points- PER BUREAU* (21 days - Max Results 90 days) Combining Numbers may LOOK GREAT - That is NOT OUR WAY OF 100 TRANSPARENCY *


  • Negative Credit Files that are UNVERIFIED, OUT DATED,INACCURATE  
  • Unauthorized  Inquiries 
  • Charge Offs
  • Collection's 
  • Bankruptcy's - Over 250 DELETED 2013- 100% deleted in 2014
  • Repo's - THIS IS AN EMERGENCY ISSUE - If this is happening to you CALL US today at 888-454-6660 Extension 1
  • Late Pays
  • Student Loans - We have a Certified Specialist on staff 24/7/365 dedicated to these!
  • Payday Loans - We have a Certified Specialist on staff 24/7/365 dedicated to these!
  • Foreclosures - THIS IS AN EMERGENCY ISSUE - If this is happening to you CALL US today at 888-454-6660 Extension 1
  • Negative Public Information (Tax Liens, Child Support, Medical Information)
  • Tax Liens (State and Federal)
  • Chex Systems (Negative Bank Accounts)
  • Unfilled Tax Returns - We have both a CPA and Tax Attorney RETAINED TODAY dedicated to these!
  • Medical Collection Accounts (OVER 1800 DELETED) HIPPA LAW-They May Owe YOU!


  • We don't take your case unless we know we can help you
  • We are Certified and Accredited, the ONLY credit management firm in American that is
  • We have developed a system that has PROVEN results
  • We have spent thousands developing our own patented software that monitors your credit, an puts it into language you can understand
  • We have an 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or WE PAY 
  • We review your case INDIVIDUALLY, understanding each person's situation is unique and so should their credit solution be
  • We had over 3800 NEGATIVE files DELETED off of the credit bureaus for our clients in 2013 alone, 4000+ 2014 
  • We had over 250 bankruptcies DELETED off of credit bureaus
  • We have an attorney on retainer for all your credit needs
  • We have mortgage broker's hand picked that we monitor each file we assign them.
  • We have CPA s for tax issues, (BACK TAXES NOT FILED CAN BE DONE IN A DAY)
  • We have a 87% success ratio in correcting credit bureau in 2014 **
  • We have had over700+ clients approved for a mortgage THIS YEAR ALONE with credit scores that started in the 500s (Our Hand Picked Mortgage Brokers Are Monitored Daily for Performance, Back Ground checked and Licensed in all areas of the Mortgage Industry)

JT Bryant has been reading and analyzing credit bureaus for some 30 years for Banks, Attorneys, Insurance Firms and Consulted On Credit Compliancy On the State and Federal Level  

JT Bryant, President
Direct - or Text 817-908-7980 

We demand validation and verification of derogatory information using the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. These five laws have been established to protect credit reports. Creditors and credit bureaus are legally obligated to produce documented evidence within a reasonable amount of time, generally 30 days, to back the claims that they make. If they cannot validate their claims, they must promptly remove any undocumented information from the consumer’s credit report.

When it comes to creating dispute letters, there is no other option but to create a letter with unique content for each individual client in each situation, otherwise they will reject your requests. Generating letters with unique content for our clients is exactly what our software does. We have come up with a remarkable technology that automatically creates unique, yet corresponding content for every dispute letter. This technology alone will save you tons of money and time. We will not get rejected by the credit bureaus; each request will be answered.